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Academic and Service Interests



I teach across the spectrum of history, politics, public administration and the law. Examples of courses taught follow.  


The Ohio State University - online asynchronous  (16 wk format)

PUBAFRS 6050 Managing Public Organizations: Environment, Structure and Design 


American Public University System - completely online (history courses 16 wks, rest 8 wk format)

MILH 553 Axis Powers (WWII)                    

MILH 554 Allied Powers (WWII)                    

MILH 621 Cold War and Aftermath               

MILH 622 Military Interventions                    

MILH 510 World History                              

LSTD 202 Real Property Law 

LSTD301 Constitutional Law                      

LSTD 507 International Law                         

PADM505 Ethics in Government                    

PADM 520 Public Administration in Society      

PADM 530 Public Policy                               

PADM 610 Public Management                      

PADM 611 Law and Public Policy                   

PADM 615 Program Appraisal                        

COLL 610 Grant Writing                                

MAPP 501 Foundations of Government           

PADM 699 Capstone Thesis                           

PADM698 Comprehensive Exam                     

PADM697 Project Capstone                           

Brescia - Hybrid format with online and synchronous telecom (8 wk format)


POLS 250 OL1/2/3 The Law and Social Issues 

POLS 201 OL1 American Government             

POLS 301 OL1 Business Law

Bowling Green State University - on campus semester format

POLS 3510 Western European Politics 

POLS 1720 Intro to International Relations     

POLS 4020 Western Political Thought I        

POLS 3720 Contemporary World Politics         

POLS 4160 Constitutional Law I                

POLS 3470 Judicial Process                           

POLS 4180 Constitutional Law III               

POLS 4730/5730 International Law 

POLS 3470 Judicial Process – Online 

CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS                                                                                     


  • Presentation - "Human Trafficking in Ohio Today: How to Get Involved,", Virtual format Sept 2020.

  • Bartman, C., Hess, J. H., Douglas, J. D., Graduate Studies Webinar Series, "Preparing for Conference Presentations," APUS Graduate Studies, remote. (August 17, 2017).

  • Poster Competition, “What Present Day Students can Discover from Ancient Mounds in Ohio” 2016 Franklin Learning Showcase, Franklin University  Columbus, Ohio Oct. 7, 2016

  • Presentation – ASPA New Traditions in Public Administration: Reflecting on Challenges, Harnessing Opportunities, “Public Administration Pedagogy, Innovations and High Impact: How Ancient Mound Builders Can Bridge the Academic Practitioner Divide” Seattle, WA March 2016.

  • Presentation- Instructional Technology Council eLearning Conference, “Integrating "Real Life" Experimental Learning into the eLearning and Classroom Environment” Phoenix, AZ February 2016

  • Presentation –  Teaching Public Administration Conference – “Using Oral Arguments to Supplement Teaching Law and Public Policy” Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio June 2015

  • Presentation - "Making the 'Oral' Argument for Conflict Resolution"

American Political Science Assoc. Teaching and Learning Conference, Philadelphia, PA, Feb 7-9, 2014

  • Presentation – “Oh No They Didn’t! Re-evaluating Public and Nonprofit Board evaluation in the age of Social Media”

American Evaluation Association, Washington DC, October 17, 2013


My initial publications were in the area of “Lawfare,” or how international law is used as a supplement to military policy. Subsequent research took a turn to the domestic where I presented and published on  “Making the ‘Oral Argument’ for Conflict Resolution” and other innovative teaching techniques.  I conducted research for a comparison of the Taft Supreme Court with that of the Roberts Court and the difference in their interaction with the other branches of government.

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