Virtual mission enclaves in a multitenant environment

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Modular Dynamically Reconfigurable Integrated Virtual Environment

With our M-DRIVE system, customers can join an enterprise mission enclave (ME) or create an episodic ME within hours while still at sea or on deployment. Leveraging satellite or HF line of sight communications, M-DRIVE ensures that coalition militaries can share critical information and coordinate command and control during exercises, contingency operations, and battle.

M-DRIVE provides dramatic benefits in closing MPE gaps, collapsing current infrastructure, reducing SWaP and cost while increasing warfighter agility for both home station and deployed operational environments. M-DRIVE has an Authority to Operate (ATO) on DoD networks as a 100% COTS solution designed from the ground up with DoD-accepted cyber standards and NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) security controls.

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Trace Systems Full COTS Solution ICON

Full COTS Solution

Designed from trusted industry vendors and based on Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) concepts and hyper-converged technologies.

Trace Systems Pre integrated platform ICON

Pre-Integrated Platform

Flexible ordering includes options for pre-configuration and customized solutions as required.

Trace Systems Scalable ICON


Standardized scaling model to provide modular expansion with simple increased capacity.

ƹƵappreased SWAP efficiency ICON

Increased SWaP Efficiency

Decreased Size and Weight, with increased Power in comparison to other comparable solutions.

Trace Systems Reduced cost ICON

Reduced Cost

Decrease infrastructure costs and footprint with a pre-integrated COTS solution designed for simplified operations.

Trace Systems Vendor Agnostic ICON

Transport Agnostic

Utilize any transport method to most efficiently meet customers needs.

Trace Systems MDRIVE
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The only solution of its kind to provide multitenancy and multi-enclave support in the same box.

Proven M-DRIVE Solutions

M-DRIVE ashore and afloat for Navy's Sixth Fleet

The Navy has fielded two M-DRIVE Data Center (1100) Platforms both ashore and afloat in support of Sixth Fleet to evaluate operational capabilities.

Sixth fleet has utilized the M-DRIVE platform in a multitude of exercises such as Steadfast Cobalt, Trident Juncture/Jupiter, and Austere Challenge and to establish enduring connectivity to NATO Secret through the NATO National Gateway Point of Presence.

These exercises have provided the Navy with a first look at the M-DRIVE capabilities and potential component to the next generation mission network infrastructure.

M-DRIVE at work at Army’s JWA19

The Army deployed the M-DRIVE Tactical (2100) and Data Center (1100) variants during their Joint Warfighting Assessment (JWA) 19 exercise to evaluate the operational capability of the systems. This was the first installment of the M-DRIVE 2100 Pathfinder.

Experimentation at JWA enabled the Army to gain an early look by applying an operational load and baseline configurations onto the system.

During the exercise, operators experienced a platform that could host all enterprise and mission command applications on a single HW stack, with the added capability to host multiple SEC//REL instances in future events.

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Submit your information below to download our M-DRIVE  Brochure

Want to know more?

Submit your information below to download our M-DRIVE Brochure

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